Monday, April 6, 2009

Aril 6 - 2 months

Bath Time

Surfer tan....

Well fed :)


A little early but good pick!!

Formal wear

Bennett and Alec

Leaving for work isn't easy.

Grandma R.

Grandma S.

Sorry it took so long to update this. I was trying wanting to post a slide show instead of a long row of pics but didn't get it figured out so didn't do anything.
We are doing good, Alec is doing amazing. He had his 8 week check up today and weighed if a solid 13 lbs.!! Growing isn't really an issue at this point. He is sleeping pretty well too, at least 3 hrs at a time and sometimes more. We are starting to get into the new "normal" life whatever that means. Shelly is doing so well, she doesn't think she is getting anything done but she is doing exactly what she is supposed to. The Lord is so good, we are still praising Him for His gift to us!! Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom to raise Alec to love Jesus!!!


  1. Ah Shelly, can it be? We love you SOSOSO much. Little Alec, looks just like his Da, we think. You look so happy and contented, a wonderful Mummie. We can't wait to meet Alec!

  2. Yea!!! So glad to see an update!

  3. 'aril' - is this a new month or a new language? :)